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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of signing up to Simply Delicious Online?

Simply Delicious online allows you to select in advance the food/coffee/whatever without having to wait in line. You'll be able to quickly order food at Simply Delicious and then either go and pick it up without waiting or if they deliver to you... even better.

Simply Delicious will help manage your budget. You'll be able to see your purchases over time and keep on top of any budgeting requirements. Its also great for corporate accounts, and can act like a tab without all that messing around with petty cash.

Simply Delicious Online can be paid for on a credit card. If you set up an account with Simply Delicious and top up from your credit/debit card, you'll be able to draw down on the credit.


How do I place an order?

Once registered, click on the main home page and a menu will appear. Choose the item (eg: cappucino) by clicking on the link containing the price, then select any variations you'll need (eg: skim milk) then click the "Add" button and your selection will be added to the basket of items (sometimes looks like waiters pad). You can then add any other items you'd like, and when finished click on the "order" button in the basket, then confirm the order by selecting the time you want to pick it up. Often this will be at least 5 mins from the time you place the order, depending on how busy the cafe is, but you can make it more if you need. Then click "I am finished" and it will send your order to Simply Delicious.

How can I sign up to Simply Delicious ?

Click on the register link in the menu bar at the top of the page. Provide your name, a valid email address and a password (minimum 5 characters). We will send a confirmation email to your email address. Click the link contained in the email to complete the registration process.

I want to register but am being told that I'm already registered. How can I sign in ?

Simply Delicious Online is powered by YQme. At the very top of every page is a the YQme login bar, click on the "Log In | Register" link. This will expand to provide a login area. Note: we use your email address as the unique login identifier. If you have lost your login we cant help you, but if you have forgotten your password then you can request that we send out a new password to the email address you provide.

I've forgotten my password. How can I retrieve it ?

Simply go to the password recovery page, enter the email address you provided when you registered and we will send your password to you. If you have changed your email address and don't have access to the old one, then you will need to register again.

Why have I received an email with "YQme - password changed" in the subject line ?

This is because you have changed your password. This is done for security reasons to make sure you are in charge of your account with Simply Delicious

I don't want spam !

Nor do we! Privacy and a spam-free life are as important to us as they are to you. Aside from emails checking your registration on signup or to retrieve forgotten passwords, we will never send you information by email. We will also never provide your information to any third party. For more information see our privacy document.

Why do you need my mobile phone number ?

If you order an item that has become unavailable, the merchant needs to be able to quickly contact you. To ensure that you aren't inconvenienced, simply provide us with a valid mobile phone number. We will never send unsolicited text messages, or provide your information to any third party. For more information see your privacy policy.


Where can I update my details?

Log in to YQme and click on the "account" menu. You can change your name and mobile phone number here. If you need to change your email click on the "change" link next to your email, or by selecting the "change email" tab, and then follow the instructions provided. If you would like to change your password then click on the "change email" tab and follow the instructions on screen.

Can I pay online ?

Yes, you can pay via VIA or MASTERCARD online.

Do I get any discounts for ordering online?

There are special offers labelled at the top of the website and and the bottom of the app. There are also digital loyalty card offers.

Do You Deliver ?

Yes. We currently only deliver to housing students on Curtin University students living on campus.

Can I order for anytime ?

Yes, you can arrange to pick up your order at any time within opening hours. In non-busy periods the delay is a minimum of 5 minutes. However note that we have a minimum delay time of 10 minutes during the morning rush and up to 20 minutes between 12pm and 2pm. We work fast, but not THAT fast!

What times are you open ?

Our opening hours are listed on the front page of our website.

Is there a minimum order size ?

No. There is no minimum order as you can simply pay when you collect your order at the counter.

I made a mistake in my order! How can I change it?

You will need first cancel the order (see FAQ below) and then resubmit your new order.

I wasn't able to collect my order at the nominated time! Can I still place orders in future?

If you order it, then you'll need to pay for it. Simply Delicious reserves the right to limit access to people who misuse the system and you may find that you will be limited to only paying for orders using an online account. Too many breaches and requests for refund may see your account locked from the site.


How do I cancel an order ?

First and formost, we need to make sure Simply Delicious stops making your order. You can only cancel an order at least 5 minutes before you are due to collect it. If you need to cancel an order go to your Order History, select the correct order and click on the "cancel this order" link. You will then be provided with the phone number to call in order to get the cancellation code. We do it in this way in order to ensure that that Simply Delicious is aware that you are cancelling the order. When you have the cancellation code then put it in the space provided and click the "Cancel" button.

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